VACLEEN filters in the field

Enter a ZIP CODE or CITY + STATE, then scroll down to choose a distance from your location. You will see a local map and pictures of some of the VACLEEN filters operating in the field.

You may refine the list by selecting a specific water source or type of crop. To respect grower privacy, the locations represented here are not exact.

For more information about a specific installation, please call Olson Irrigation at 619-562-3100.


Innovative new products have been an important part of the growth history of Olson Irrigation Systems.

The VACLEEN® Self-Cleaning mechanism has long been accepted as one of the most effective methods of cleaning a filter screen, but was considered too expensive by many in the agricultural market. 

The new VACLEEN® AG Filter changes that.

All critical parts are stainless steel. Epoxy-coated steel and high grade plastic components are used in noncritical areas, making the AG filter more economical than Olson's high-pressure models, offering the grower the same performance advantages at a lower price.

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